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Stress Management- Two Simple But Effective Techniques

Stress Management- Two Simple But Effective Techniques

We all experience those times throughout the day, where we just need to relax for even just a few minutes.

You already know that stress is taking its toll on your body and your mind. Did you know, the human mind and body are designed to work and relax in a specific pattern? None of us are robots.

Studies show regular breaks of 10 minutes per hour dramatically improve production and efficiency.

If you’re anything like me, then you don’t feel like you have even a minute to take a break, let alone ten minutes.

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to rest your brain, even during your busiest days, that require limited time and no fancy equipment.

Here are 2 Of The Most Effective Anti-Stress Tips:

1. Set a timer for five minutes once an hour and just breathe. That’s right, the simple act of deep breathing activates the vagus nerve in the diaphragm which switches your brain into rejuvenation mode.

* Deep breathing also dramatically increases the oxygen in your blood. Your heart then circulates the oxygen throughout your brain and body, helping you to rejuvenate and give you new clarity.

* If you lack time, then taking just five slow deep breaths will do the trick. The circular breathing technique is simple, just inhale for a count of 4 and then immediately exhale for a count of 4 as you get better increase the count. Certain monks in the Himalayas breathe in and out for a count of 100. Now that’s some lung capacity.

* The circular deep breathing can be done anywhere at any time, even when you’re watching TV or taking a walk. Give it a try, and it will make a huge difference.

2. Anti-Stress tips for work can seem a little more complicated simply because you don’t want to look like you’re “relaxing”! There are some techniques you can do while working that won’t look like you are “relaxing.”

If your job requires sitting at a computer or any stationary position, you must move to a different position regularly.

The reason is two-fold. Number one, as your body gets stiff, you will start feeling more and more pain. Now, at first, this pain will be so subtle that you won’t notice simply because your brain is pumping out natural pain killers.

What happens, however, is your body can only make so many of these “happy chemicals” until it runs out of the proper amino acids. When it runs out, you will become frustrated, angry, anxious, and then depressed. Just think of the pattern you’re causing. Every day you go through this cycle; eventually, your body gives up trying to make the natural “happy chemicals,” and you suffer near-constant anxiety and depression.

* Make sure you move, roll your head around, stretch your arms and legs, lean back, stand up, and do some squats or desk push-ups. Any movement that incorporates the major muscle systems will make you feel better.

* If you’re on your feet all day, it is essential that you change your movement pattern. By this, I mean do movements that you usually don’t do while working. If you bend over a lot, then lean backward. This activates new areas of the brain, which helps to relieve the tension in the overworked part of the body and mind.

Of course, the best thing to do is go for a walk at lunch and do the circular breathing technique mentioned above.

Just following these two tips will give you the mental clarity you need to be more productive, happy, and live a fuller life.

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