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When you're depressed, it feels like nothing is going to help

Listen, when you’re depressed, it feels like nothing is going to help, that negative internal voice never seems to shut up, everything you need to do just seems so hard. Didn’t your life used to be easier?

People tell you to "Just snap out of it," but you can't.

It's exhausting... And quite frankly it is embarrassing.

You know deep inside if you could just get over this depression, you’d have the energy to make your dreams come true.  But whenever you feel like you’re coming out of it, that thing kicks in, and you end up right back down into that deep, dark, hole. 

And the worst part is, you probably know exactly why you feel the way you do.

You've probably been to therapists...

…and you talked about all the reasons you’re depressed. Your parent’s failings, your failings, your friend’s shortcomings, the failed relationships, and all of the life happening stuff that’s piled onto your plate. 

Your start out thinking "Once I uncover that crucial memory, once I make that connection, I'll finally get over this depression."

But knowing what "caused it" didn't help, did it?

You so wanted to believe just solving this puzzle by dredging up all of those negative memories would finally eliminate it. You thought to yourself over and over its worth the pain of going in and talking about all of my problems because that’s going to finally give me relief.

And now you're left with a bunch of intensely Painful memories ...

...and worse, you're re-traumatized whenever you think about them.

And even worse, it seems just about anything triggers those old pains now. You have all the answers, so why do you still feel depressed? Is there something wrong with me?  Will I ever get better?

Listen, I know how hard that road is

I went up and down that road over and over trying to get it right.

I thought therapy was the answer too.  I had seven different therapists. It’s hard. Really hard, and unfortunately, it doesn’t work. There are a lot of well intentioned people out there who will tell you to keep going down that road, and I’m here to tell you, they are wrong.  

There are ways of overcoming depression without years of therapy.

Once you begin to overcome your depression, there are ways of getting off of the medication and reclaiming your life*

They don’t take that long, but they do take some change. Some specific changes you can start today.

the last thing you need while you're depressed is someone trying to sell you something.

I'll tell you the truth about depression

Because I want to help you get on the road to happiness, I’d love to give you a free consultation today. You deserve some real information.

I’ll even give you the studies that prove I’m right, and I’ll let you know what you need to do to begin to get over your depression today.

Give me a call or fill out the form below today before I run out of time and have to cut this amazing program short.

Do it today. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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