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NLP otherwise known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of excellence.  It is the study of how the human mind works to create whatever you desire.  It is a synthesis of the most effective mental and linguistic patterns discovered to unlock the absolute highest potential a person has.  NLP is credited for the success of people like Tony Robbins, Phil Jackson, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and many, many others.

TIME Techniques™ are a pattern used to remove negative emotions, limiting beliefs, limiting decisions, phobias and many other emotional conditions.  The use of TIME Techniques™ allows us to completely clear emotional blockages from events or decisions you made in the past.  In short, they give you control of your past emotional states so you can move into the future completely free of the barriers constructed in your past.

Hypnosis is a widely used and generally misunderstood term.  Many people’s only experience with hypnosis is during a stage show.  Fortunately, stage hypnosis is for entertainment, it is a show, and much of it is not real hypnosis.  Therapeutic hypnosis comes in many variants,  everything from self-hypnosis all the way to advanced conversational hypnosis used by many politicians, great speakers and even marketing firms.  Hypnosis then is a suggestion that bypasses the conscious mind and is accepted by the unconscious mind.

Contrary to popular belief, the person who is hypnotized remains mentally alert and retains full faculties during a hypnotic session.  No mind control can occur because the unconscious mind is where your “morals” reside.  No hypnotist can cause you to do something against your will or better judgment.

Classical hypnosis feels exactly like daydreaming.  It’s an intense state of focus where your mind and body are allowed to relax and rejuvenate.  Most clients describe it as the most relaxed and pleasant state they’ve ever felt.

Conversational hypnosis feels like having a good conversation or listening to entrancing story.  There are no “weird” or “strange” feelings experienced with hypnosis.

In short, hypnosis is a natural state we all go into several times a day.  Most people experience daily trances as daydreaming, “zoning out,” or when driving and thinking about something else.

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, sometimes called “Energy Tapping” or just “Tapping,” is a form of self applied acupressure that is highly effective in cases of strong emotions, cravings, headaches and many other symptoms.  Due to its safety and effectiveness in such a range of applications, it is used all over the world for a multitude of issues.

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