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"The fact you are here means you are ready to take control of your life starting today ."

This decision you’ve made will make all the difference in your life.

My name is Ryan Camana, and I am the Architect of Human Potential.

I want you to ask yourself now, what is it that you really want out of life:

What are your dreams?

What are your goals?

What are your hidden desires?

Just think about that now.

Is it to have more money?

More happiness? 

More love?

More success?

More abundance?

More respect?

To have a feeling of making a difference in the world?

Or just to feel that overarching peace found in self acceptance?

You know, that satisfying feeling you get when you’re living life to your utmost potential.

Your Journey Starts Here

I know you already have exactly what you want in some areas of your life, but what about the others?

How about your relationships, your career, your self-development, your spirituality?

Do you have balance in all areas of your life?

Now ask yourself:

“What are my greatest fears?”

“What are my biggest regrets?”

“What are my most painful memories?”

And now… are you ready to let go of the old memories, beliefs and negative emotional baggage holding you back?

I hope you are because those fears, regrets and memories are keeping you stuck.

Listen, your mind is constantly re-living these painful memories day in and day out.  Not in exactly the same way, but by having you experience the same emotions in your present… when they belong in the past.

You know how it goes…

You make a big pile of money… and then you lose it.

You get a new opportunity, it goes great for a while… and then you blow it.

You get in yet another bad relationship.

Life finally starts working… and then you get depressed.

You ask yourself WHY?  Why am I doing this to myself.

The answer is you aren’t…

These negative habits are merely faulty programs running in the background of your mind.

Running in a place where you can’t access them.  Without proper coaching, you have very little chance of ever succeeding because of how your mind remembers the past.

What I do, is guide  you on how to gently and easily remove those walls. To break them down once and for all.  To clear out all of those limiting past beliefs holding you back. 

Releasing the happiness, success and passion naturally within you.

What do our Clients Say?


"If anyone reading this has spent time (lots) and money (more) on psychotherapy and isn’t sure what (if anything) they have to show for it, may I highly recommend making a much smaller investment in Ryan Camana. In surprisingly little time, and for a far more rational amount of money, Ryan helped me address and conquer a variety of life “issues,” some of which had been hobbling me for decades. His mastery of a broad range of techniques allowed him to ferret out hidden hindrances and to change course working with me when a particular method wasn’t yielding the desired result. To call Ryan a hypnotist would be, in my opinion, like calling DaVinci a painter. Not that DaVinci wasn’t an excellent artist, he was just so much more than that. And in the case of Ryan, the “more” consists of methods, old and new, that help individuals identify and ultimately control the faulty preconceptions that hobble us, sometimes for life. Initially, I approached Ryan to see if he could help me move beyond my resistance to participating in, or even listening to, arguments of any kind. I understood that life’s conflicts are inevitable, and avoidance is frequently a poor coping mechanism; but understanding alone could not change my behavior. Like a skilled physician, Ryan probed beyond the symptoms I reported and implemented a protocol that addressed a number of underlying issues, including such things as porous personal borders and a detachment from my own feelings. In a few short sessions, I was released from my self-imposed impediments and freed to dream and set goals—for possibly the first time in my life! I can now report that my first goal (to be married by July) is being achieved in May instead. My second goal, to have my book published no later than February of 2011, appears to be on track for that date, or possibly earlier. The fact you are reading this means you are a lucky individual who has already discovered Ryan Camana. I certainly encourage you to capitalize on your good fortune and take this opportunity to improve your life—quickly!"

Melinda Thompson (Nom De Plume)
Professional Writer
Thanks for all of your helping me Ryan. I have always known how smart I am. I have sat in the back of the room and acted like a clown so that people would show me attention. We all have this need inside of us for acceptance form everyone. I want to thank you for this great break thorough. I have these ideas that run in my head all day long. In the past people would think I had lost my mind or they could not understand my knowledge. I have to thank you for teaching me that I had to accept me for who I am. All I needed to do what let the information out and draw in the nets. Can you just imagine what would be the results when people come to me for my input? Thank you my friend for helping me have a clear vision that does not get stopped from all of these ideas that are still in my head. Ryan, I will never forget you, nor your beautiful wife Alisha. May you always enlighten the paths of others and see the world changed one relationship at a time." GOD BLESS - Vince Fortney
Vince Fortney
President, Prosperity For Good Legal Systems
"I feel stronger as a person. I have more goals. I know how to deal with the problems that i had before and I just feel a lot freer. I can actually accomplish some of these things where i felt like I couldn't accomplish them before. I feel like a whole person and that I don't have the fears and concerns that were holding me down before. I know I can go and make a bunch of money... That's a lot of fun. And I was just surprised how easy it really is to just kind of let this stuff go.... Just brightened the future. I see the future like a grocery store of things that I could go forward and do. When I don't like what happens and I now have strength, the ability and the skills to go and change that situation and move forward, not stuck with what i was given."
Dusty Williams
ADHD had ruled my life for as long as I can remember. I was always starting something only to drop it shortly thereafter to attend to something else that I just remembered had to be done, right now. (The fact that it had waited days, weeks or longer didn't seem to be particularly important.) Drop A and do B. And yes, there were times that C would interrupt B!) Needless to say, it is very difficult to accomplish much when turmoil is constantly making one react to mind created interruptions. Ryan ended my daily zig zag of to dos. I no longer dart from one that is started to another lying in ambush for my time and attention. It is a huge relief and I now get A, B and C all done rather than have them playing "bumper cars" with each other in my mind. I am still amazed when I realize that I am not hopping from issue to issue. And when that rare instance of "Oh, I need to do B" happens, I can actually tell B, "You can wait". If you have ADHD, you will recognize this scenario. But you don't have to continue to live with it. Reward yourself for having dealt with it all those years by retiring it and move on to productive days. And yes, this just might be one of those "Oh, I have to do it now", things. However, it may very well be the last."
Gary Megel, MBA
Reputation Management, Florida
Ryan is an extremely gifted mentor. I’ve been struggling with business strategies and ways to effectively market myself for years. Ryan helped me in a matter of minutes. All of his exercises were fun & easy and exceptionally powerful. One of the exercises changed my entire being in life and the way I interact with my clients. I am so inspired, motivated and feel completely supported. I wake up each day feeling grateful that I met such a great person. Ryan truly walks his talk. If you want to make some big positive changes in your life, I highly recommend that you call him today.
Anne Bauerline
Success Coach
Ryan, is truly one those gifted people in the world. He knows how to find that one thing in you that you may not be aware of. You know that one thing that keeps you from your true potential. He then shows you what it is and how to redirect your thinking so it just melts away. He did that for me. I encourage you to seek Ryan out and make an appointment soon if you can.
Craig O'Keefe MNLP, MHt, MTT
President and Co- Founder of Advanced Empowerment
When I met Ryan, I was wearing all my problems on my shoulders. And after having my session with Ryan, I felt exhilarated and relieved. And... wow... so many different emotions to explain how I felt. I was able to move to the country and live my dream and i'm happy! I'm happier than i've ever been since i've met Ryan. He is truly wise. He is going to go the extra mile to help you when you need it."
Gavenia White
"I'm privileged to be able to have known Ryan for the last three, four years now both as a friend, as a professional, as a client of his. And he's just amazing guy with wonderful skills. When I first came to Ryan, I was in search of additional help with sales and more effectively communicating with people. And, of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg for Ryan. His skill set goes so far beyond that. So, my recommendation to you is to get in contact with Ryan right away. He's a great guy, and I can't recommend him enough thanks so much."
Bill Orr
Vice President

*Individual results may vary. Successful clients shown or quoted are not compensated and share their stories freely. The testimonials and photos represent the experience of the specific client. Each individual client is different and therefore has a unique experience. The clients quoted directly followed our instructions and the evolution of the programs that fit their needs.

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