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Simple Technique For Consistently Great Decisions

Simple Technique For Consistently Great Decisions

An all-important aspect of life is making the right decisions. The ability to make good decisions determines your outcomes in life. While some people believe in faith, even faith is dictated by the choices you make. Knowing the secret to correct decisions will help you lead a fulfilled, successful, and happy life.

What constitutes the right decision?

The right decision is one that leads you towards the goal or outcome in life you want to achieve. For instance, if you want to lose twenty pounds, every decision you make about food you consume determines if you are going to achieve that goal or stay where you currently are. The cold fact is, successful people, make successful decisions. If you are having trouble making the correct decisions in your life, then you need to use this simple technique.

How to make the right decision:

The human mind, in all of its incredible complexity, functions simply. If you think about it now, all ingenious inventions are beautifully simple, and the brain is no different. The human mind is wholly enclosed inside the skull and has no direct contact with the world. In other words, the only way the brain experiences reality is through our five senses: sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste. Using this idea, we can determine how your brain files a “good” decision versus a “bad” choice.

The process is simple. First, think about a decision you made in the past, which was the right decision, a decision that leads to a great outcome. It can be anything, but preferably recall a big decision that went well. When you think about that decision, notice how your brain files this decision. In other words, how does the decision look? How does it feel? Does it have a sound associated with it? A smell or taste? Just go ahead and write down whatever you notice about the decision. Then look around the room for a moment to clear your mind.

The next step is to recall a decision that you wish you hadn’t made and go through the same process. Just write down everything you notice about the adverse decision. How did it look? How did it felt? How it sounded, smelled, or tasted if those exist.

The last step is to compare your two lists. How do the decisions differ in how they are filed in your mind? Do they both look almost the same except in one you notice there is a feeling in your chest? Notice what difference exists, however minor.

The next time you need to make a decision, imagine both choices, and compare the conclusions to your list. Whichever choice is the closest match to how you filed, the “good” decision is the right direction.

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