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Secret Hypnosis Technique For Peak Performance

Speak to any top athlete, speaker, performer, or another successful person, and they will tell you one of the secrets to their success is visualization. And they are often unknowingly using self-hypnosis.

There is a specific set of hypnotic visualizations that all successful performers use before the big event.

Here are the steps in order, so the next time you need to perform at your peak, you will know the exact steps of self-hypnosis to go through.

Here’s the Technique

The first step is to imagine watching yourself outside of your body, making the perfect shot, the jump, the play, the recital- whatever performance. Be sure to notice every detail you possibly can from outside your body; this is called dissociated.

The second step is to visualize or imagine yourself performing from inside your body. Just imagine doing the action perfectly the exact way you want it to be in the real world, feeling what you would be feeling, hearing what you would be hearing, seeing what you would be seeing as if you were doing the actions.

The third step is to do the performance or action in real life.

Here’s a real-life example. If Tiger Woods wanted to sink a putt, first, he would imagine seeing himself sink the putt perfectly. Then he would imagine being in his body and again sinking the putt perfectly. Then he would step up and sink the putt.

This technique works for any type of performance; sports, tests, concerts, speaking engagements, sales calls, and even marriage proposals. It gives your mind an understanding of precisely what you need it to accomplish.

It’s a known fact that you have to imagine something first before accomplishing the task. With hypnosis, you can quickly and effortlessly get into that visualizing state. Hypnosis allows you to access the “mind’s eye” with much greater clarity. By using the power of your unconscious mind, your performance will be exponentially better.


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