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Anxiety Relief

7 Anxiety Relieving Techniques

Are you suffering from worry and anxiety? Perhaps you’re spending your day with so many fears that you’re kept up at night just to worry some more. When you finally get to sleep, you start suffering from the moment you wake up.

The only way to alleviate the situation is to take action.

 You have to face the anxiety head on to change the habit of worry as quickly as possible.

7 action strategies to reduce anxiety:

1. Get a biofeedback device. A biofeedback device is a little electronic device that measures the electric conductivity of your skin. It sounds complicated, but in practice, it is a simple way of dealing with anxiety. The device displays in real-time how your body is coping and reacting to stress. By having immediate feedback as to how deep breathing and muscle relaxation changes the signals, you can train yourself to calm down. Biofeedback is effective, quick, and long-lasting.

2. Be sure to get support. Anxiety can make you feel embarrassed and ashamed. These feelings can make you feel like you’re alone in the world without any support. Friends may be useful to speak with about minor anxiety; however, be sure to talk with a professional about prolonged or severe anxiety.

3. Take stress-reducing supplements. There is a body of research showing that certain herbs and supplements can help you dramatically reduce anxiety. The welcome aspect of supplements is they tend to have fewer side effects than many of the habit-forming medications available for anxiety. For a full list of supplements, check out the free report here.

4. Learn self-hypnosis or meditation. Learning self-hypnosis or meditation is similar to the biofeedback device. Self-hypnosis and meditation teach you to pay attention to your body’s reaction to anxiety. Self-hypnosis and meditation, although related, are different practices. Both are simple to learn and can be practiced just about anywhere.

5. Begin doing high intensity, short-duration exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killers. Often anxiety is caused because of pain and stiffness in the body, which puts a burden on the endorphin producing areas of the brain. If you have done long, slow cardio for years, you might have wear and tear injuries that are contributing to your anxiety. High intensity, short-duration exercise, which mimics sports are best for relieving stress.

6. Start a journal. Journaling helps people to keep from “going crazy.” If you suffer from anxiety, you know that one of the significant fears you experience is that of going crazy. What journaling does is give perspective. The reduction in anxiety is due to having a new view of what is going on. Frequently anxiety will blur the lines between reality and imagination, blowing your thoughts entirely out of proportion. The very act of writing out your problems makes them seem smaller and gives you the feeling that you are facing your fears.

7. Drink enough water. One of the symptoms of even mild dehydration is anxiety. To relieve anxiety, be sure to drink plenty of water. If you drink caffeinated beverages, be sure to drink even more water. Caffeine is notorious for dehydrating the brain. The effects of the stimulating caffeine combined with dehydration can cause quite a bit of anxiety.

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