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overcome panic attacks

5 Ways To Overcome Panic Attacks

Back when I suffered from panic attacks, it seemed that anything could set me off. I never knew where it would strike. Like an evil villain (cue the scary music), it followed me around, waiting to leap out, slamming me into waves of perpetual terror. And it always seemed to strike when there was a big group of people around me. The worst possible time, no place to hide!

Panic attacks are one of the most intensely terrifying experiences a person can endure. Add to that the extreme embarrassment and shame that seems to go hand in hand with that feeling that something is inherently wrong with you. Rest assured, there are ways of effectively handling a panic attack.

Panic serves a useful purpose in the right situation. The problem is most people who suffer anxiety attacks have it occur in the wrong circumstance. If your panic attacks have affected your life, you may have to resort to strong medication with terrible side effects. It’s best to get a hold of anxiety before it becomes a full panic attack.

Here are some strategies that can help you overcome panic:

1. Circular breathing. This specific type of deep breathing helps to regulate the adrenal glands. These tiny little glands are what causes panic attacks. It is the overproduction of adrenaline. Circular breathing involves breathing in for a count of four and then immediately breathe out for a count of four. This deep breathing technique helps to relieve the built-up energy that is coming out as a panic attack.

2. Watch your diet. Certain foods, food additives, and chemicals are known to cause various anxiety and panic disorders. If you suffer from panic attacks, then you should eat organic foods that are certified free of pesticides. Pesticides often act as stimulants, which can affect panic disorders. Did you know that caffeine is a natural pesticide? So is nicotine found in the tobacco plant? Both of these natural pesticides are potent stimulants. Human-made pesticides can be much worse.

3. Try various supplements: Many supplements help panic attack sufferers, one of the best is called theanine, which is an active ingredient in green tea.

* Remember that you must always take a holistic approach that addresses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your health.

4. Collapse the anchor. Is it something specific that causes panic? Perhaps it always occurs when you encounter a particular smell. In that case, carry around an aromatherapy vial with a scent that reminds you of a calm and happy time. When you start to feel panic, just pull out your bottle and break the chain.

5. Deal with your stress. Panic and anxiety attacks often occur because of too much pent-up “energy.” Are you brilliant and creative? Chances are you could be experiencing panic because you’re stressed out and bored with your current life. That craving for new and exciting experiences may be causing you to imagine dangers that don’t exist vividly.

Getting Help

Panic and anxiety attacks are quite common, and help is available. Recognize the triggers and early signs of panic and start fighting it. When you do, you’ll feel free once again!

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