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3 Times Not To Trust Your Thoughts

People react to fear in different ways. Some people do exceptionally well under real-world pressure but seem to drive themselves crazy with irrational fears they invent in their minds. Deciding the right course of action is often a case of determining what irrational anxiety is and what part is real.

When Not To Trust Your Thoughts

Where do you have trouble determining a course of action? Many decisions may seem clear, but others may be murky. Learning which thoughts lead to indecision can help you gain clarity and more easily move forward in life. Below are some examples of times when trusting your thoughts may be problematic.

You probably shouldn’t trust your thoughts in the following situations:

1. When you’re under a lot of stress – When under pressure, your decision processes do not work as well, simply because your brain is overworked. When you aren’t operating at full capacity, your decision making suffers. The tired brain leaves holes in the decision process that can lead to overlooking a potential negative that would usually be clear. If you are under stress, it’s advisable to confer with an outside source before making a more significant decision.

2. When you’re feeling anxious – There is always anxiety in deciding to do something new. If you are facing crippling fear from an anxiety- or panic attack, your mind is literally under siege from a variety of chemicals. These chemicals will completely eradicate your normal decision-making process. The fear may not be based on reality, but the feeling is real and has a real effect.

3. When negative thoughts bombard you – If you’ve had a streak of bad luck. One of those days where everything goes wrong. Or one of those weeks you just can’t seem to get ahead, it becomes much more challenging to make the right decision. An excellent choice is based on determining the probable future consequences and weighing the risk vs. the reward. When negative thoughts bombard you, your decision-making process loses the logic customarily employed.

When you’re having completely irrational or unrealistic thoughts, you have to understand they are coming up from beliefs and habits that may not be conducive to living the life you want. For instance, if you decided as a child that you were shy, and now you have to meet people regularly to grow your business, then the anxiety you will feel is coming from that erroneous belief.

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