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Understanding Emotional and Physical Suggestibility

Hypnosis – Understanding Emotional and Physical Suggestibility

Even though hypnosis has been used for a millennium, very little is understood about how it works. Despite this lack of understanding of precisely how hypnosis works, it has been proven the human mind and body are highly suggestible. The good news for us is this suggestibility is a positive trait.

First off, let’s discuss “suggestibility.” Many people’s only exposure to hypnosis has been from the hypnosis stage shows of Las Vegas and county fairs. Maybe you’ve seen people running around acting like chickens seemingly against their will. This belief that the hypnotist can control your mind is just a myth. Suggestibility is just like it sounds, a suggestion. The person can take your suggestion or leave it. Perhaps someone has suggested to you a restaurant that you may like. You don’t have to go to the restaurant but you probably will if you trust and respect that person.

Suggestibility with hypnotherapy is similar to a suggestion to go to a new restaurant. The difference is, the hypnotist is working within your unconscious mind. For instance, if you have a nagging pain that won’t go away, and the doctors can do nothing but give you pain medicine, hypnosis may be just what you’ve been looking for. A hypnotist can help guide your mind, through suggestions, to remove the pain.

You see, the mind controls feelings of pain you feel in your body. The body sends the signal, and the mind reads that signal as pain and creates the feeling of pain in your body. With hypnotherapy, a hypnotist can help suggest to the brain to stop reacting to the pain allowing a person freedom from pain they could not obtain any other way.

Mental suggestions work just as well. A person’s unconscious mind controls most of your behaviors and actions. Rather than having to make decisions constantly about every action you take, your unconscious mind uses programs or patterns which stem from the beliefs you have accepted about yourself. The beliefs about yourself are mostly suggestions made to you by your parents and those around you while you were young.

With hypnotherapy, new suggestions that you are a confident, happy, successful person can be used to change beliefs that you are a shy, anxious, unsuccessful person, which you might have decided when you were young.

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