Hypnosis – The Dangers of Performing Hypnosis With the Wrong Motive

Hypnosis is a powerful tool both for change and for influencing other people. When used for good, hypnosis is an extremely effective therapy. While hypnosis is not mind control and all hypnosis is self hypnosis it is still extremely powerful. Unfortunately, some people have used forms of hypnosis for the wrong motive.

Hypnosis involves influencing of the unconscious mind by changing the internal patterns and thought processes. When using hypnosis, especially in a clinical fashion a hypnotist needs to choose his or her words carefully. The unconscious mind is like a child. A child listens to what he or she is told and internalizes the idea. If a child is told good things about himself, he grows up with a good self esteem. The opposite is also true. If a child is told he is stupid or lazy, he internalizes these beliefs tends to grow up acting out or behaving based on these beliefs.

With hypnosis, suggestions can be very powerful. If a hypnotist does not keep his clients best interest in mind, he or she can inadvertently suggest a pattern or thought process that can be detrimental.

One of the most tragic uses of hypnosis was the actions of Hitler during World War II. Hitler used conversational hypnosis patterns to demonize many groups of people, especially those of Jewish descent. Because of his fervent speeches using conversational hypnosis patterns, he caused millions of people to lose their lives.

When using hypnosis to influence people, it is important to influence them for good. Convincing a person that he or she is worthy of great things and is capable of achieving anything is a great use of influence. Motivational speakers often use conversational hypnosis to do just this. Using hypnosis with the motivation of doing good for people is what makes hypnosis so incredibly beneficial.

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  1. Excellent post. I learned a lot on hypnosis. When used for good, hypnosis is an extremely effective therapy. I agree. It is widely used now as an effective way to stop smoking and to lose weight. Thanks for sharing.

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