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Career Change: 3 Signs Its Time To Change Careers

Career Change: 3 Signs Its Time To Change Careers

Do you dread going to work every day? Do you wake up happy only to remember that you are just fed up with what you’re doing? Are you bored having accomplished everything you wanted with your current career? These are just some of the questions that tell you its time to start looking for a new job.

Statistics report that up to 90% of people are unhappy in their current career. This unfortunate statistic is due to the fact most people don’t plan out a career path that interests them. Too many people fall into the career they are currently toiling away in from sheer luck. Someone gave you a job out of college, and that is the path you followed.

As the years go by, you have changed. You don’t have the same goals and aspirations you did when you were younger. You know yourself better at your current age, and you know that what you are currently doing no longer interests you.

The following list discusses some signs it may be time to change careers:

  1. Boredom. Once you learn a particular skill, it tends to become dull. Many careers don’t change much. If you find yourself doing the same thing day in and day out, you can become overwrought with the repetition.
  2. Stress. Does your job cause you undue stress? Perhaps you work incredibly long hours under horrendous pressure with little or no time off. Often jobs with long hours pay so well they are hard to leave. If the pay alone is the only aspect of keeping you at the job, it may be time to find something new. Money is a great motivator, but to be genuinely fruitful, you have to enjoy what you’re doing on some level.
  3. Lack of contribution. Does your job leave you feeling empty? A feeling like you’re not contributing to society. All human beings have an ingrained desire to help other people when you begin to think that your job is not serving anyone but you and the company, it may be time to look for a new career where you can make more of a contribution.

There are many more signs that it’s time to change a job. This list is some of the significant reasons that successful people decide to change careers.

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