Conquering Anxiety With Affirmations

Is anxiety running your life? Do you feel like you have to do everything “the right way” or it isn’t worth doing it at all. If so, you know what its to be controlled by anxiety that seems totally uncontrollable.

If you have ever had an anxiety attack or panic attack you know what absolute terror feels like. Anxiety attacks can be much worse than being in an actual dangerous situation. With an anxiety attack, there is no action to take to help yourself. The danger is all within your mind and your mind can conjure some horribly frightful ideas.

The worst part is if you don’t attack the anxiety when it arises, it will only get worse. The fear of having another anxiety attack or panic attack will lead to so much anxiety that many people can’t leave there home or do any of the activities they so want to do.

* Luckily there are ways of conquering your anxiety and taking control of your life once again.

Letting Go of the Anxiety

The interesting and most problematic issue with anxiety how much control you lose to the endless cycles. Like being stuck in a spin cycle, the more you spin the dizzier you become.

Even worse, once anxiety attacks and panic attacks become entrenched, they become a habit. Your whole life starts revolving around the very fact that an attack can happen anytime. Of course belief often makes the case come true, so if you do become stuck in this habit you need an effective way out of it.

Using Positive Affirmations to Overcome Anxiety

A good way to conquer anxiety is with affirmations. Affirmations do take time to take effect but with practice they can override the anxiety attacks and panic attacks and change your beliefs about yourself and your condition.

So what is an affirmation? An affirmation is a repeated statement. The best way create an affirmation is to determine exactly what your desired outcome is.

A funny thing about the mind is it cannot process negatives properly. Try this fun little exercise and you’ll discover what I mean.

Go ahead now and don’t think of a blue tree. Again try really hard to not think of a blue tree. Make sure you have no thoughts of a blue tree. When you did this exercise you have to think of a blue tree first in order to not think about it.

This means an affirmation such as “I don’t have panic attacks,” will translate within your subconscious mind as “I have panic attacks.” This is obviously the wrong affirmation.

A better affirmation may be “I remain peaceful and happy around groups of people.” This affirmation is stated in the positive, it is what you desire to happen.

Another good way of discovering affirmations is to look online for affirmations specifically relating to relieving anxiety attacks or panic attacks.

Affirmations work because the mind can only think one thought at a time. I know when your having an anxiety attack it may be hard but changing your focus to your affirmation can make a huge difference.

By using the affirmations whenever you feel anxiety or panic attacks you help to reprogram your mind. Reprogramming your mind is how to conquer the anxiety for good.

Every time you use an affirmation, you leave less and less room for the irrational fears.

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