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9 Fail-Safe Stress Relief Tips That Actually Work

How do you live a successful and fulfilled life without all the stress? This question is one that all successful people ask themselves at some time during their careers. However, the answer doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are nine steps to a less stressed life:

1. Number one, implement a good time management program. By good, I mean prioritized. Are you always working on the most profitable or essential project, or do you find yourself shuffling emails into the appropriate folder and spending time in completely unproductive meetings?

* How about the people you are around the most? Are your activities rewarding, or is it time to find a new set of friends?

2. Keep work at the office, or at least limit it to a specific part of your home, for example. Bringing work home is often inevitable, but where you work is up to you. If you have to bring work home, consider working in a coffee shop. This way, you can enjoy your home life without having the sight of work disturbing the big game.

3. De-clutter and organize your workspace. The most critical aspect of de-cluttering is not a fantastic organization; rather, de-cluttering means completing projects. If you have a desk full of unfinished work, your stress levels will go through the roof. The reason being is part of your mind is still on these tasks distracting you from what you’re currently working on, making everything take longer than necessary.

4. Do something you enjoy. When you aren’t working, you need to do something immensely enjoyable, something that keeps your focus. Imagine that you were placed in a room and advised to stare at a blank wall. What would you do? Probably start thinking about work and all of the things you need to get done, which would stress you out further.

5. Learn meditation. Meditation is an excellent tool for helping with emotional state control. Even if you are under stress, you certainly don’t want your client or competition to know about it. Meditation enables you to maintain composure and control of stress, which is essential for a successful person.

6. Get regular exercise. Regular exercise works wonders for relieving stress. The best practice to alleviate stress is short burst intense exercises. Preferably play a sport like racquetball, squash or tennis. These sports require short bursts of intense activity, which is best for stress relief. The long slow cardio can stress your body with worn out tendons and cartilage.

7. Eat organic foods. Not just a fad, organic foods have been shown to improve nutrition and brain functions leading to less stress and more productivity. The fuel you use in your body determines greatly how much stress you experience daily.

8. Use adaptogenic herbs. One of the secrets of astronauts and top athletes is adaptogenic herbs like Eleuthero and Rhodiola. These incredible herbs help fight both physical and mental fatigue that can lead to full-blown stress, anxiety, and even depression.

9. Delegate. Bogged down with stress-producing little tasks? Learn to delegate. If you don’t have anyone to delegate to, the simple answer is to outsource the work to an online personal assistant for $2 to $3 an hour. Use the benefits of the global economy to help de-stress your life.

Follow these steps, and you’ll find your stress significantly reduced.

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