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5 Powerful Tips For Dealing With On The Job Stress And Anxiety

Do you feel like you may lose your mind if you continue working at such a high-stress job? Most people who work in high-stress positions think this way from time to time. You are not unique in your situation.

It is essential to learn to deal with workplace stress. Excess stress and anxiety can negatively affect your production and your health. Learning to handle stress can make the difference between promotion and having to find yourself a new job.

Techniques to Deal with Stress at Work

When you are under pressure at work, you have to learn what is called “state control.”

The “state” in “state control” refers to your emotional state. There are several ways of controlling your emotional state, for instance.

Here are five workplace stress techniques:

1. Firstly, when you feel your blood start to boil, just breathe. That’s right, the simple act of breathing activates what’s called the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve, in turn, activates relaxation chemicals to be released in the brain, immediately calming you down.

2. Secondly, write a to-do list. Again a simple tip that can work wonders. The act of writing out a list of all the necessary activities helps clear your mind. Almost like the circus performer who balances numerous spinning plates, your subconscious mind is doing the same thing reminding you of all the things you’re trying not to forget. The act of writing tasks down allows you to put down a spinning plate.

3. Third, have a plan to do something fun. If you have nothing to look forward to, work can quickly become vastly too stressful. A lovely weekend getaway or partaking of your favorite hobby or sport can make the stress much more bearable.

4. Fourth, try anchoring. Is there a particular scent that takes your mind to a peaceful, happy time? Maybe the smell of cloves or cinnamon takes you to a relaxing holiday scene, for instance. Or perhaps a picture of the ocean helps you to imagine being on the beach. An anchor is anything that helps change your emotional state.

5. Lastly, listen to harmonic music. Harmonic music, such as classical music, relaxes and slows the neurons in the brain, effectively relieving stress. Another benefit is better thinking, which leads to better productivity.

Everyday workplace stress is becoming more and more prevalent. Be sure to start taking action today to avoid the problems that may occur tomorrow.

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