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Suffering Anxiety

11 Signs You May Be Suffering From Anxiety or Panic Attacks

Do you often feel nervous? I’m not talking about the nervousness of doing something new or heading into surgery. Anxiety in small doses is normal and healthy. It’s constant anxiety, and its evil cousin panic attacks, which you want to avoid.

Anxiety and panic attacks can be overwhelming. And unfortunately, if you don’t deal with the underlying problem, they just get worse.

Panic Attack Symptoms

Everyone experiences panic differently, but these are some of the most common symptoms:

1. A racing heart and a feeling of shortness of breath.

2. Uncontrollable fears of everyday activities like driving or speaking to a group of people.

3. The overwhelming feeling that something terrible is going to happen if you don’t do a task precisely correct.

4. Another symptom is racing thoughts that refuse to let you concentrate and make you worried that you might be going crazy.

5. Finding yourself repeating yourself over and over or twitching some part of your body almost to relieve “excess energy.”

6. A feeling of impending doom. Such as a heartache, car accident, or natural disaster. When I suffered from panic attacks, I was always worried about terrorist attacks (and this was before 9/11).

7. Numbness in your hands, fingers, toes, and legs, or a weakness in your knees or thighs.

8. An inability to swallow or excessively dry mouth.

9. Fear of strangers or sometimes any people around you.

10. Staying in your home “because it’s safe,” leading to an inability to leave.

11. Overwhelmed by even the most basic tasks that you used to complete with ease.

Many symptoms of anxiety and panic disorder can also lead to panic attacks. The good news is there are ways to treat the underlying causes and to remove any of the adverse effects of anxiety.


Unfortunately, if left untreated, anxiety and panic attacks tend to become worse. The anxiety exhausts you and then leads to more stress and then panic attacks, for example.

Additionally, the leading cause of anxiety tends to be diet. By avoiding sugar, caffeine, and a few other overstimulating foods and chemicals, much of the effects of anxiety can be relieved.

The underlying cause of anxiety is often an incorrect association in the mind. By using various therapy techniques, the incorrect association is corrected, and the panic attacks are relieved.

However, the more you know about anxiety and panic attacks, the faster you can find relief.

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