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Natural Anxiety Remedies

10 Curious Natural Remedies To Relieve Anxiety

Anxiety is a problem faced by nearly everyone in today’s hectic environment. Some people deal with stress by drinking or with drugs, some people overeat, and some people know the secrets to natural anxiety reduction.

Always check with your physician before taking any natural or herbal remedies listed in the below article. Many of the natural remedies are extremely powerful and can cause drug interaction problems if taken in conjunction with medicines.

Here are some of the best herbs, tips, and techniques you can use starting today to alleviate your anxiety:

1. Passionflower. Passionflower comes from a tropical vine with a very intricate flower and a sweet fruit. Passionflower is very powerful and even compared in effect to the prescription drugs.

2. Self-Hypnosis or meditation. Hypnosis and meditation are different in practice yet similar in relaxing effect. Hypnosis involves concentrating on a specific thought or visualization, while meditation sometimes begins with focusing on one particular thought and then moves onto the emptiness of thought.

3. Avoid “Anxiety Foods.” Many modern foods are known to cause anxiety. Just switching to organic foods can have a beneficial effect on anxiety. Many pesticides and chemicals are stimulants and cause stress. Caffeine from the coffee plant and nicotine from tobacco are both stimulants and natural pesticides. Studies show, many artificial flavors exacerbate the effects of ADD, which can manifest as anxiety in adults.

4. Effective Time Management. Are you staying busy, or are you getting things done? With the multitude of distractions overwhelming you today, i.e., cell phones, email, TV, radio, the internet, etc. time management is more critical than ever. At least three times a day, ask yourself, “Am I getting work done or just staying busy?”

5. St. John’s Wort. Used for centuries to treat anxiety and depression, the herb St John’s wort is often prescribed by physicians in Europe.

6. Acupressure. Acupressure is a natural relief for anxiety. A simple acupressure technique for anxiety is to rub the underside of your wrist just before the hand begins.

7. Theanine. Theanine is a chemical found in green tea. Yes, green tea has caffeine, so you probably want to take theanine as a supplement instead of drinking green tea if you have anxiety or panic attacks.

8. Breathing Exercises. There are many deep breathing techniques. The best that I’ve found for anxiety is called circular breathing. Circular breathing involves breathing in for a count of four and then immediately exhaling for a count of four. Try to increase the count as far as possible. Some practiced monks do circular breathing to the count of 100 and more.

9. Fish oil. Fish oil is perfect for the brain. The better the brain is doing, the less anxiety you’ll experience. Be sure to take only pharmaceutical-grade fish oil, or you risk contamination with mercury, which can cause a slew of other problems.

10. GABA. Weird name, significant effect. GABA is an amino acid or protein used by the brain to slow down the neurons. Slower neurons translate to clearer thoughts and less anxiety. GABA has a relaxing, calming effect.

Whatever you choose to relieve your anxiety, be sure to use it daily. Anxiety has a habit of creeping up on you when you least expect it.

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