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Can It Be True… Become A Certified Hypnotherapist For Only $99?

Have you ever wanted to become a certified hypnotherapist?  Making your own hours, charging on average $150 an hour?

I sure did.  I knew I wanted to help people and get paid well for my services.  Even more than this, I always had a fascination with the power of my own mind.

Becoming a certified hypnotherapist was the best thing I ever did for myself and my family.  Every day I work with people to guide them from fear to success. Helping them to release fears, phobias, addictions, limiting beliefs and more.

And now you can have this same life changing experience for a tiny fraction of what I paid…

When I stumbled upon this hypnosis certification online class for only $99 I have to say I was skeptical.  If you’ve been online at all, you know there is a pile of horrible hypnosis information and hypnosis classes out there.

Being a trainer of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming myself I know first hand how much effort and expertise goes into training someone to hypnotize another person and get results.

So of course I immediately contacted Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist to find out what his clinical hypnotherapy certification program entailed.  I have to say I was impressed.

He covers all of the indispensable basics of hypnotherapy:

Module 1: Introduction

You will learn about the acceptance of modern-day clinical hypnosis by the American Medical Association (AMA), how to control the environment for a powerful hypnosis session, how to record your hypnosis sessions, and the responsibilities of a hypnotist.

Module 2: Pre-talk

The pre-talk is the strong foundation of any hypnosis experience. This is the time during which you re-assure the client that the session will be of benefit to them, you discuss what hypnosis is, dispel any myths about hypnosis, and educate the client about specific levels of hypnosis. This module will give you all of this information so that you can share it with your client in a very professional way.

Module 3: Inductions

Inductions are used to relax the client into a hypnotic state. The proper use of an induction is essential to any hypnosis session. Learn the simple and easy way to induce ANYONE into a hypnotic state.

Module 4: Deepenings

After inducing hypnosis, you will want to take the client deeper. You will learn the proven techniques to get someone to go deep into total relaxation.

Module 5: Scripts

Scripts are what the session is all about. You have relaxed the client, and deepened that sense of relaxation. Now it is time to deliver the message of positive change to their subconscious mind. You will receive a series of very powerful scripts and learn how to create your own.

Module 6: Amnesia

This is one of the more fascinating topics in hypnosis. The idea is that you want the client’s conscious mind to forget what has happened in the session so that they do not over-analyze the experience. The memory still remains with the subconscious mind so that change becomes an effortless process.

Module 7: Trance termination

After you have successfully relaxed the client, imparted the positive change information, and allowed them to consciously forget the session, you will need to end the session. This module will teach you the proper and effective way of ending (terminating) the session (trance).

Module 8: Final Exam

Upon completion of the course, you will want to demonstrate your new powerful abilities. This is a chance for you to do just that. You will receive a written exam and will also be required to submit an audio recording which you will already have completed as part of your homework.

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In addition to the basic course Steve includes 4 complete ebooks which he could easily sell for $97 each if they were packaged alone:

He goes far beyond any other online certification course I have ever seen.

Steve also has quite a few introductory videos on his site which proves the level of teaching he provides.

Now Steve and I agree that a live course is definitely the best way to learn hypnosis and NLP… but the expense, the travel, and the time makes that nearly impossible for most people.

This online hypnosis certification course is the best way to get your clinical hypnotherapy certification fast and without the expense or travel of a standard clinical hypnosis certification.

For more information be sure to click here.

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