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Instructions for use:

Simply download and listen to the Quit Smoking Breakthrough Program.  Its best to listen to the program before going to bed.  The majority of people need only one session to become a non-smoker.  In the rare event you find that the first session did not fully remove your urge to smoke then you may listen to the program for 3 consecutive nights.

In the rare event that you feel any residual cravings please use the EFT videos below.

If you are under stress or anxiety please use the Peace And Tranquility Session to ensure you remain calm during your transition.  The session can be used as often as needed.

If you are concerned about weight gain or would like to lose weight, please use the bonus weight loss session which can be listened to as often as needed.


Quit Smoking Breakthrough Program

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Bonus Weight Loss Session

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Bonus Peace And Tranquility Anti Anxiety Session

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Bonus Videos:

Here is the Free bonus video on how to end cravings for anything (and so much more).  This technique called Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping is one of the easiest and fastest self improvement techniques available.  Please watch the video put together by my friend Magnus and be sure to visit his site at www.tapping.com



Here is a second video on EFT just for smoking cessastion:



For more information on EFT and Tapping please visit:



An excellent herbal formula that many of my clients have recommended is called Lobelia and can be found here:

Quit Smoking Herbal Formula Discount

The link above includes a discount which makes the formula FREE plus shipping.  Be sure to read the reviews before using/purchasing.

Any questions please feel free to contact us below:

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